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Inclement Weather Policy

St. Mary’s and St. John Neumann Churches Masses:

Generally, St. Mary’s and St. John Neumann Churches will be open for Mass during inclement weather at the regularly scheduled times. The exception to this policy is that when schools are closed, Masses will not be held at St. John Neumann, but will instead be held at St. Mary’s Church.

When schools have a two-hour delay due to inclement weather, Masses will be celebrated as scheduled.

When the parish offices are closed due to a holiday, Masses will be celebrated as scheduled.

In the event that the Mass schedule is affected by inclement weather, check the St. Mary’s website home page announcements for any changes.

Here is a link to St. Mary's inclement weather policy:

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Be on Time for Christ

Arriving on time for Mass is not just a question of obligation but of love and respect for Our Lord who has gathered us together to share his gifts, and who has some grace to communicate to us in each part of the Mass. It is also a sign of respect for the community with whom we worship and who deserves our presence and the contribution of our prayers in each moment.

Our Usher Ministry is happy to help you find seats in Church before the Mass begins.  Once the Liturgy has started, however, if you arrive late for Mass, we would ask that you observe the following protocol:

Please wait for an appropriate time to look for a seat, and be as quiet and discreet as possible.  A good rule of thumb to find a seat is during any time the congregation is standing (with the exception of during the Gospel reading.)

And just as we strive to be on time, please stay until after the final blessing.  Spending those last few minutes after Communion in communion with the Body and Blood of Christ can be most powerful. 

In Matthew 26:40 Jesus asks Peter “Could you not stay with me for one hour?”  Let our answer to Him be “Yes” and be present for the entire Mass.